What is VR Therapy?

Have you ever imagined your physical therapy session in a soccer field, a shopping mall, or even in your parking lot? That’s what Virtual Reality Rehabilitation NYC is all about. Experience the thrill of recovery with VR Therapy as you improve your balance, coordination, and fine motor skills in a fun and immersive environment. Say goodbye to tiring physical therapy sessions with the exciting world of VR rehabilitation!

What Makes VR Therapy Different?

VR-based therapy has reached a record in pain improvement by 41%, functional ability by 31%, and muscular strength by 24% compared to other exercises. It’s not just therapy, it’s an exciting journey to a better you!

Benefits of VR Rehabilitation:

  • Breaks the “I can’t do this” mindset. You can project yourself into healthy avatars, which will drive you to exercise harder and longer.

  • Improves the patient’s ability to perform practice functional activities in a simulated environment.

  • Aids their ability to adapt to different real-world situations, by allowing patients to practice in a variety of environments.

  • Makes treatment fun by “gamifying” it that spices up therapy in ways you couldn't imagine before, and it will make you entertained, focused, and more motivated to beat previous scores.