What Is A Tracker Laser?

Tracker lasers are a cutting-edge technology that can aid in physical therapy sessions for patients recovering from whiplash injuries, often sustained in car accidents. The laser technology tracks the patient’s every move, giving therapists an accurate view of their body’s recovery progress and pinpointing areas that need extra attention. This not only makes therapy more effective but also adds a fun element to tracking and improving movements, giving patients better control over their recovery. For those dealing with a whiplash injury, Tracker Laser Treatment can be especially helpful. When the neck is overextended or sudden movements occur, it can be challenging to understand where the body is in space. With Tracker Laser, patients can gain a better sense of their position and improve their movement. By incorporating this innovative technology into physical therapy sessions, patients can receive personalized care and attention, leading to a quicker and more effective recovery.

What Makes Tracker Laser Treatment Special?

Tracker Laser gives you biofeedback (a technique that provides information about physiological activity) so you can see your progress and learn how to move in a way that reduces the risk of re-injury. And with the added fun of a laser game, you’ll be motivated to give your best effort and see real results.

Benefits of Tracker Laser:

  • Accurate measurement of range of motion.

  • Identification of movement patterns.

  • Improved patient outcome.

  • Quantifiable data: That can be used to track progress over time and evaluate outcomes.