What Is SMARTfit?

SMARTfit is an innovative technology that has transformed physical therapy. It is an advanced system that integrates cognitive and physical training into one, creating a fun and engaging environment for patients. SMARTfit utilizes interactive targets and games to improve cognitive and motor skills, making rehabilitation more effective and efficient.

What Makes SMARTfit Different?

SMARTfit is not just a physical therapy tool, but a cognitive one as well. Unlike traditional physical therapy equipment that focuses solely on motor skills, SMARTfit combines cognitive and physical training to create a more comprehensive approach. With its interactive games and targets, SMARTfit provides an engaging and challenging environment for patients, making therapy more enjoyable and motivating.

What are the benefits of SMARTfit?

  • Improves balance and coordination

  • Enhances cognitive function

  • Increases strength and endurance

  • Provides a safe and effective rehabilitation option

  • Customizable programming for individual needs

  • Interactive and engaging therapy sessions

  • Tracks and measures progress for goal-oriented therapy

  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

  • Offers a fun and motivating way to exercise and improve overall health