What Is Apos Health?

Are you tired of chronic pain in your knee, hips, and back? Are you afraid of surgery? What if I told you that we have a solution for you? AposHealth is a foot-worn device that is an innovative treatment that has been used by over 120,000 patients to kill your pain. Wearing an Apos device while you’re jogging, walking, or even staying at home doing your chorus can help you dodge the bullet of “surgery”.

What Makes Apos Different?

By mixing both science and innovation, Apos Health rated 96% satisfaction, and over 120,000 patients using Apos devices say that it has not only helped them live pain-free. Apos made them thrive.

Benefits Of Game Ready:

  • Decreases pain and edema.

  • Increases postoperative range of motion in ACL patients

  • Reduces pain and swelling

  • Increases healing of tissues

  • Increases range of motion

  • Decreases rehabilitation time