What Is EMG Biofeedback?

EMG biofeedback is a method of therapy that tracks and provides feedback on muscle activity using electrodes sensors applied to the skin of the targeted muscle area. It helps individuals learn how to control and improve muscle function and treats conditions such as chronic pain, headaches, back pain, posture issues, urinary incontinence, and teeth grinding.

What Makes EMG Biofeedback Different?

For conditions like chronic pain, muscle spasms, or muscle weakness, EMG biofeedback provides patients with visual and auditory input on how to better manage their muscle activity and gradually lessen their symptoms.

What are the benefits of EMG Biofeedback?

  • Helps control muscle activity

  • Immediate and personalized feedback

  • Non-invasive and drug-free

  • Improves muscle function and underlying symptoms

  • Accurately tracks and monitors progress

  • Customized to meet individual needs and abilities