What Is Electrotherapy?

It’s a zap of energy that helps to reduce pain, improve muscle strength and function, boost circulation, and speed up healing time. It’s not just therapy, it’s an electric adventure for your body! Not only that, but it’s like giving your muscles a power boost, helping them to work better and feel better.

What Makes Electrotherapy Different?

Electrotherapy is different from other treatments in that it uses electrical stimulation to help reduce pain and improve muscle function. It’s also non-invasive and doesn’t require any medication.

Benefits of Electrotherapy:

  • Helps to reduce pain and inflammation

  • Enhances muscle strength and function

  • Improves circulation

  • Increases the range of motion

  • Accelerates healing time

  • Includes types of stimulation like TENS, IFT, NEMS, and Russian currents